1 m² Tile kit

Junior Designer Lab

2021, Studio Monana
Role: Graphic Designer

Project Overview

Junior Designer Lab 1 m² Tile Set designed by Studio Monana, in collaboration with Additional Objects, is a DIY tile set introduces the concept of "children's construction materials" and "creation of construction materials" to urban families. The set includes express shockproof packaging, 15 white clay tiles of one meter flat size, three small boxes of glaze in your choice of color, incoming and outgoing shipping costs, and glazing and firing services. Customized interior design has gradually become the standard for home decoration, we hope that personalized customization and creation can start from the building materials. Personally drawn and fired tiles are like paintings that are permanently preserved and grow with the home.

Packaging Inspiration

The packaging is inspired by the shape of the loading container, emphasizing the rusticity and authenticity of the building material. The flat elements on the outer packaging also retain the familiar texture of packing wooden boxes with safety markings and spray paint effects.

Font Design:

I created the logo of this package by using paper tape collage, and I think there is a similarity between creating a language with the simplest linear elements of life's objects and the way children express their messages. For example, when I was a child, we used branches to make numbers. I wanted the logo to convey the fun nature of the product and the concept of unrestricted freedom.


As new employee of Junior Design Lab, we have prepared an orientation sheet and a work badge for our "new" designers. We hope that these young designers will feel respected and welcomed by the "company".

· Orientation sheet:
We chose a scale of one to one with the tiles and a fold accordion design. When unfolded, the paper itself is similar in thickness to each tile and blends naturally with the rest of the tiles in the box. The induction instructions begin with the cover, followed by the product list. Each subsequent illustration conveys the step-by-step instructions for drawing the tiles in a visual language of blue and white lines and spaces, accompanied by a brief text description. Because we believe that for children, the language of graphics is more powerful than words. For the online product page, I created a more vivid motion graphic to show the making methods.

· Work badge:
The design of the work badge continues the graphic language of the logo. I tried to neutralize the stereotype that work badges are associated with boring and tedious work in people's mind in a simple and cute way. At the same time, we hope the work badge can give the young designers a more immersive onboarding experience.

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