Design Brief

Packaging Design Objectives:

  • To provide a PR gift box for the new packaging of Kanebo Suisai Beauty Face Powder Wash.
  • Need to create a strong sense of the uniqueness of  the gift box.
  • Introduce an element of fun to the access of the gift box


  • VIP customers
  • KOL

Executional Considerations:

  • Need to fit at least one full size product and one giveaway accessory
  • Consider the use of type-style and graphics from current commercial.
  • Highlight the ingredients and functionality of the product.


Based on the product information provided by the client, we first did a comprehensive study of the product (ingredients, performance, marketing) and researched the current offline visual image of the product. Through this process, we researched and extracted the characteristics of the product for the subsequent concept development.

Concept Developments

Concept 1: Bubble Beauty Mirror

The concept of "beauty dressing mirror" is presented in the form of a pop up book. When the cover of the "dressing box" is opened, the crystal clear acrylic disc unfolds and the mirror reflects the user's face. The natural and fresh ambience of the dense bubbles surrounding the clean face is visually displayed, attracting customers to take selfies in the mirror and share them on social media. The mirror itself can be removed separately as a giveaway with the box, making it a portable tool for makeup touch-ups when traveling or on the go.

Concept 2: Bubble Vending Machine (Chosen)

This proposal hopes to emphasize the fresh concept of the product: put a single face wash ball into the clear acrylic round ball representing bubbles, use up one, twist the volume machine to get the next one. The Japanese style volume dispenser adds interactivity and playability. In addition to the single-packed face wash, the twister shell will also include small strips of paper with product concepts and skin care tips. When using the machine to twist the "bubbles", customers will naturally see the product introduction and learn more about the correct way to use the product. This introduces the brand to customers in a subtle way.

Graphic Developments

Using Format