Preportioned veggie meals

Packaging project, 2022
Role: structure designer

Project Brief: Dieline Design for Good

The intent of design is inspired by a new category that has recently been added to the Dieline 2021 Awards competition. This category is open to any packaging consumer products designed for doing a good that emphasizes positivity kindness and giving back. 

Theme: Sustainable Diets

Our group decided to focus on the healthy food category. Healthy Diets are crucial for optimal health. One in three people suffers from at least one form of malnutrition. Economic power, inequality, discrimination, social status affect access to food. 


• Highly processed, energy-dense, nutrient-poor food items are made cheap and widely available and certain food products are too high in calories, fat, sugars, and salt
• Not enough potassium consumption in Canadians' diets.
• Food production accounts for 20-30% greenhouse gas emissions, and two-thirds of water use.
• 2.2 million tonnes edible food waste each year in Canada alone.
• Chemical inputs account for 25 million people per year suffering acute pesticide poisoning.


• Consumers are rapidly turning to frozen fruits and vegetables as they offer numerous benefits over fresh produce.
• During the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of consumers began buying more frozen foods and 39% looked for single-serving or individually wrapped food products (that uses large amounts of packaging) 


New packaging for existing frozen vegetables and fruits, targeting vegetables that provide potassium. The packaging must be convenient, flexible, and pre-portioned to ensure the consumption of the minimum daily potassium.


As a reminder: Keelio is a play on words, it incorporates the K which is the chemical name for potassium (as we are focusing on potassium rich vegetables) and the word "peel" as the package will be easy to peel for consumers convenience and for the mobility imparied. We used a typeface called Grover for "Keelio" and made it custom to this brand with playful letter placements and the editing of certain letters. 

We decided on this logo as its rounded strokes and bright colours make it fun and welcoming to a wide range of consumers. The "K" and "Ii" stand out in orange as the "K" represents potassium, a huge part of this brand and the "Ii" creates a smiley face reflecting this brands kindness to communities in need. We also added the USP at the bottom in both English and French so consumers are reminded of why this product is unique-the ability to provide preportioned veggies in order to reduce food waste. 

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